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[Jun 15, 2018, 10:07]

"India’s central bank admits it banned cryptocurrencies without ever researching them"

[Jun 09, 2018, 07:06]

Al bar la cassiera mentre appoggia per la dodicesima volta la carta sul pos per un pagamento cless [dopo che le avevo già detto che andava solo col chip] "Ahh, ma quindi non funziona in waifai?"

[May 15, 2018, 11:18]

Mailpile is not vulnerable. I actually knew that before I even headed to their blog. The protocol is not the issue here, the fucky implementation is.

[March, 2018]

I'm 160kms off the coast of Iceland, which in and of itself - you know - isn't exactly the land with the highest density of cell towers, and yet I'm still connected to the internet, in HSDPA+, FROM INSIDE THE AIRPLANE. If I'm ever to try building a mesh network again, after two years spent fiddling with WiFi radios and their signal literally getting broken by cats walking in the way, it'll be in 5G. And if the protocol doesn't support meshing, we'll hack it. Forreal.

[March 2018]

“Today, the distributed ledger contains hidden love messages, cryptic poems, ASCII art, signatures, eulogies and more,” Branger_Briz wrote about the project. “These messages are a creative abuse of the transaction protocol, a form of digital graffiti, unique cultural artefacts forever embedded in one of the most contemporary digital technologies.”

[March, 2018]

Did you know the NSA has a github repo? I was basically forced to open an issue there. Let's see if federal budget allows them to have a baseline sense of humour.


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